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F-O-C-U-S on Twitter for PD in 10

FOCUS on Twitter for PD in 10

Can’t seem to find the time for personal development (PD)? Try this F-O-C-U-S exercise for PD in ten minutes. You will need a Twitter account.

Follow – Follow the education or leadership “big birds” on Twitter. I call them “big-birds,” since they are digital leaders and post frequently on Twitter. You can find them by typing in a hashtag like #edtechchat, #edchat, or #profchat. Some examples may be Mrs. Alice Keeler @alicekeeler or Susan M. Bearden @s_bearden

Observe – Once you follow a reliable source, read their tweets. If you follow by using a list, then read the list. You are looking for tweets that will lead to PD. So, be selective.

Curate – Save the tweets that promise to hold nuggets for personal development. Some of the “big-birds” will “storify “a chat full of nuggets. Here is something too simple that I do. I set a minimal goal of curating 5 tweets that may be good for PD. I share PD tweets by email with myself for investigation or for retweeting. Here is an example from @podia who has great PD infographics:

  • Retweeted by paul wilson
    poida ☯ @poida • May 3
    And highly rewarding! MT @Harris_Bryan: This is cool…best way to learn something? Teach it! [Tweet it] #satchatwc


    Utility assess – Once you curate your 5 or 10 tweets for the day, then you are ready to assess their utility. Follow the links or open the infographic. On a Likert scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the most valuable, how would you rate the value of this tweet? Is it worthy of a retweet? Is it worth your time to read the blog post? From a #10 tweet you may discover a Web 2.0 tool or technique that is invaluable for your PD.

    Share – Do and say. Share by using. Put you PD to work. Did you learn how to “storify” a chat? Do it. Did @alicekeeler show you how to put tabs on google spreadsheets. Do it. Then share by communicating. The doing and the saying are reaffirmation and reinforcement. Now if you desire to retweet do so.

    That’s PD in 10 minutes more or less.
    P.S. You can do this PD exercise in 10, but the set-up may take longer.