Proverbs 23:12a Apply your heart to instruction.

Supply Line Horrors

Do you have a classroom supply-line horror story?

Let’s call the student Jim.

Jim met with his advisor in Fall to set up classes for Spring, 2014.   Jim was advised to take a core requirement in Spring, 2014. The syllabus states that students are asked to purchase a publisher’s course packet, that is, a license to a software packet.  Students with used books had to purchase the code to get the license.

Week one.: Jim learned that the teacher required a publisher’s course packet.

Week three: Jim got a used book from a classmate, and he was debating how he could buy the license.

Week eight: Jim scrapes through the mid-term without the course packet.

Week nine: Jim meets with his advisor to select classes for the Fall semester.  The Spring course is not mentioned.

Week eleven: Jim’s daughter calls Jim’s advisor to ask if the bookstore has the publisher’s license.  The advisor calls the bookstore and is told it is in stock.

Week twelve: Jim calls his advisor to see if it is too late to withdraw from the class.  Yes, it is too late.

Week thirteen: Jim and his advisor sit in the computer lab and log into the free two-week trial packet. This is the two-week trial packet the teacher provided at the beginning of the course.

Week fifteen: Jim’s advisor asks Jim how his class is going.  He says its going fine, but the free trial packet expired before he could finish all the assignments.

Week sixteen: Jim ends the class, and goes on summer break.

Week seventeen: Jim’s advisor is asking himself a question: Does Jim need to repeat a class?

Scares me, sure ‘nough, since I am Jim’s advisor.

Windows CD


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