Proverbs 23:12a Apply your heart to instruction.

As a college advisor I consult with students about their course requirements and their schedules.  Perhaps you will find the following exchange refreshing.  I know I did.

Advisor: Hello, how are you?  I see you have your baby with you.

Advisee: Yes.  Ester came with me today.

Advisor: She was the size of a teacup when I last saw her.  How old is she now?

Advisee: She is five months. She was five weeks old when you saw her in January.

Advisor: Let’s get started.  We want to review your transfer credits, your current classes, and look for classes for Fall.  I will clear you.

Advisee:  Okay.

Advisor: How did the semester go?

Advisee:  Good.  I finished your course, and I am done with the rest of the courses.  Are you teaching anything for Fall? I didn’t bring my glasses today to look at the print out you are showing me.

Advisor: Let’s look at the Fall listing.

(The Advisor goes over the courses that are available and the instructors.)

Advisee: I cannot take Dr. Somewhere, I was told he is hard.  What about Dr. Whodunit?

Advisor: He is good.  He has one class you can take.

Advisee: No, you will put me in a hard class.  I guess I will take Dr. Somewhere.

Advisee; Oh, look at that picture of your father.

(The advisee spots a plaque given to me by my former students.  It features a grainy picture of me with the signatures of several students.  The plaque reads “We love you.”)

Advisor: My father?

Advisee: Oh, wait.  I’m sorry.  He is deceased.

Advisor: Father? Deceased? (I begin to laugh.)

Advisee: I’m so sorry.  Why are you laughing.  Ester, he’s laughing at us.

Advisor: You misunderstand.  That picture.  It’s me.

Advisee: You? I thought it was your father.

Advisor: That’s rich.  I am my father, and he is late.

Advisee: That’s not funny.  Ester, we have got to leave.  I’m so embarrassed.

Advisor: Don’t be.  You just have to understand.  Today I have become my own father, and I have become late.  Wait until I tell that story.

Advisee:  Oh, really I must leave.  Can I just come back.

Advisor: You’ve had my class. you know how I like to tell stories.  Don’t worry about it. Let’s pick out your classes while you are here.  Everything will be just fine.

Advisee: Okay. Ester you okay? Are you hiding my keys?  I want to take four classes.

The student successfully completed a course schedule before leaving.  Although I never became my own grampa that day, I consoled myself in becoming my own late father.


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