Proverbs 23:12a Apply your heart to instruction.

When do you say thanks to your PLN?
Having a great PLN is vital, if you want to be a lifelong learner. I do.
Recently some major players in my Twitter PLN began to give accolades to one another. I am calling them and others my #Bestpractices PLN. I received an accolade as a tweet from an outstanding scholar in her own right, Rusul Alrubail. So I had to blast back with a tweet:
My pleasure to learn from a #bestpractices PLN:@dinamoati @KrisGiere @RusulAlrubail @alicekeeler @dbuckedu

That led me back to a question I sometimes ask myself. When do you say thanks to your PLN?
I would like to say my policy is like that of early voting: Say it early and often.

That said, I am reminded that I recently completed a Mastery Series Workshop on Instructional Design that was hosted by the Online Learning Consortium (OLC). You can see the link below. Lessons learned from my PLN proved valuable in my completion of the workshop. I owe a debt of thanks to my PLN for telling and showing me things about best practices in instructional design.
Someone may ask, Don’t you have your degree? Yes, sure; but having a degree is not an endpoint for a lifelong learner.
So, when did you last say thanks to your PLN?

In case you are interested in the workshop follow this link:


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