Proverbs 23:12a Apply your heart to instruction.

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” On Learning ‘For What It’s Worth'”


A dear friend has a habit of irritating the pastor at church with her remarks.  She reminds all that she is just being honest, when he offers her critique of the latest change that the pastor plans.

This friend is well-known for her  practice of sharing what is on her mind.  One of her pet prefaces is the phrase, “For what it’s worth.”

If she were a blogger or a syndicated columnist, then she could use as her banner those very words, “For what it’s worth.”

Perhaps some of these reflections will strike you as something that belongs in the column, “For what it’s worth.”

Papers I give to societies, religious meditations I post on another WordPress blog, Journalplace.  This blog focuses primarily on my reflections on education.

So, I’ m just sayin’ for what it’s worth . . . .