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Use GLUE to manage your time

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For Time Management Consider G-L-U-E

Most time management advisors will ask that you stack your priorities based on the most important tasks and activities. That makes sense. A number will ask that you count your PEAs, that is, your projects, events, and activities. Again that makes sense.
In an insightful discussion on time management on Twitter one instructor, Jennifer Shamsy @jshamsy , provided a useful tool for time management:
My own thinking about time management often goes to the extremes where I micromanage the hour and the minutes or I give way to the free flow of the day’s rhythm.
My own reflections on the idea of time management have led me to believe I should think of using G-L-U-E.
Oh to be a philosopher, to wax eloquent about primitive bodily movements. Yes, time management may begin with dreams and visions. Until those are translated into a plan with a time and place they remain shrouded in clouds of uncertainty. I must not waste time by digressing.
E – Events –Time management begins with the doing of things. I must ask what I shall do and what I shall undergo, if I am to manage my time.
U – Utility — Events have a utility. In the classic sense they carry a degree of pain or pleasure. The merit of an event is to be judged by its utility.
L – Life– The utility of events is relative. It is relative to a life with the projects that the life includes. My student’s trip to the islands may have a high utility in one sense, but if she is to be a successful student in education it may have a low utility.
G – Glory — Glory is the most important part of successful time management, and I suppose it is the most overlooked element. Lives are lived for a greater glory. The glory one lives for is a highly personal thing. For some that is the glory of the nation. It is fulfilled for some in their national religion when they say, “God Bless America.” For a great number of individuals like myself it is fulfilled in the Christian religion, and the glory goes to God the Father of our Lord. Glory is the good of the greater whole, and one lives for that.
Stated simply the principle is this: use G-L-U-E to manage your time, and your time will be well managed.